About Me


I’m Jessie, from Sydney, Australia.

I’m a comms all-rounder (BA, M.Pub.Com) with almost a decade’s experience in the non-profit/change-making/activism sector (Don’t let my baby face fool you — I got started early!)

My mission is to help alleviate poverty, improve health, promote human rights, and protect the environment by delivering kick-ass comms solutions that build community and inspire action.

My work has spanned continents and included stints in government, the UN, and the environment movement. I’m currently working for Amnesty International Australia (but the views expressed here are mine; not necessarily those of my employer).

Anyways, I get pretty excited about things like social for social good, brand narrative, content marketing and community building — so this blog is a way for me to flesh out, record and share my ideas and learnings (and spare my friends and colleagues some ranting).

Feel free to say hello. You can leave me a message below, or contact me via Twitter or LinkedIn.